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Focused. Assertive. Determined.  What would your life look like if you held yourself to the Highest Standard? The Akin’s Army Lifestyle will propel your fitness goals, strengthen your mind’s capabilities, and set your life on fire in a way that you never thought possible. When you let go of your fears and your self- created limits, there is no stopping what you can achieve. Akin’s Army bootcamp is a full body workout. The Method consists of using plyometrics and calisthenics in order to work your form, agility, strength and endurance. This method will build your foundations as an athlete. 

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           Our History

Origin of the Army: Akin's Army was created when clients began asking me for advice on nutrition, health, and powerful living. What began as casual conversations after class slowly transformed into a group of regulars who wanted to pursue more in their fitness lifestyle. Not surprisingly, a strong bond was created amongst my dedicated followers from both my indoor cycling and bootcamp classes. The members of Akin’s Army come from many different professional backgrounds, each with their own diverse personal ambitions, but what unites them is their shared pursuit of finding what it takes to be the best. Those who consider themselves part of Akin’s Army are committed to this challenge of finding and achieving their best selves. They explore, they push boundaries, and they create chaos. In this way, Akin’s Army has grown into a community that supports and encourages each other to become the “best of the best”. 

My goal with this website is to provide you with the tools that can motivate and help you embark on your own personal journey, get familiar with my philosophy, and find my class schedules. 

Akin of Akin's Army-

An instructor and coach since 2003 all over the world. Has  been New York City since 2009, where he teaches indoor cycling at SoulCycle, boot camp at Studio B (bandier) and serves as a personal trainer to A-list clientele from world renowned ambassadors to top models and actors. 

 Akin's Army. it's a lifestyle - United. focused. assertive. Determined.